Max Jr.

The newest Hummer limousine in Atlanta
Atlanta's only 8-10 passenger Hummer limousine!

  • Seating for 8 to 10
  • Two-tone oak interior
  • Three thin-screen TV's
  • Solid wood bar
  • Mirrored Ceiling
  • Fiber optic lighting
Scroll down for construction pics.

Building Max Jr.

Follow the conversion of the new 10 passenger limousine below.
Click on any picture to see it full size.

Stage 1
Two halves will make more than a whole.

Stage 2
Getting connected.

Stage 3
Fitting the floor and roof.

Stage 4
Finish the roof, then on to the sides.

Stage 5
Smoothed out and ready for the paint shop.

Stage 6
Time to mock-up the interior.

Stage 7
First coat of paint - dressing up in black.

More pictures coming soon!

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Maximum Limo